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Justin Miller | PBA University PBA University

justinmillercropped Justin Miller

Justin Miller is one of the leading experts on marketing and sales management in the wedding, event, and entertainment industries. He started his first “real” company as a mobile DJ in 1996 at the age of 14. This company is still in operation and has since spun off several other companies and services including photo booths in 2011 (his company now operates 8 booths).

Most of Justin‘s time is actually dedicated to this marketing consulting company, Profit 911 Business Consulting. He teaches other business owners what is currently working as well as what he has learned from tens of thousands of dollars in failed marketing experiments. Justin’s goal is to help others overcome their unique business challenges so that they can grow their business and enjoy more income and more free time.

Justin is the author of several books including: Profit 911; The Hypnosis Handbook; and The Secret to Making Your Wedding Reception Fun, Memorable, and Stress-Free!

He has appeared on dozens of TV and radio stations including affiliates of: NBC, FOX, and CBS.

He travels and speaks for groups both large and small around the county and internationally presenting both keynotes and workshops. He writes and presents for Mobile Beat Magazine as well as a column and podcast for Disc Jockey News. In addition and most importantly, he is married to his wife of five years Kat and has two sons, Logan and Mason.

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